Since our inception on January 1, 1997, our team of professionals has assisted many companies with Marketing Strategies and Customer Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to fill out the list criteria for for your 300 free B2B names and numbers as well as the – Let’s Get Acquainted” form. Email to: sue@goclientfocus.com or fax to: 1 (715) 887-4039.

Once your list is pulled, it will be sent to you for review. Take out any company you do not want us to call (policy holders, people who are not interested, etc.). We will not call on your list until you have approved it for CFC to make calls on.

When your sessions are scheduled, you will receive a confirmation and receipt for payment with your scheduled dates. We do not give an exact date as sessions are often bumped around due to list issues.

Our Client Specialists will call you before they start your calling shift and your leads will be emailed later that day. If it is a Pacific Time Zone account, you may not receive the leads until the next day. Your leads will come in a word document format. The first page will give you information on your session. Your name and session number will be listed as well as the Client Specialist. You will be able to see how many calls were made and result of those calls. You will also see how many leads and customer service leads you had for that session. Also included will be a section for Do Not Call. We will let you know if any company requested that we do not call them. Finally, we have an area for the CS to add any additional comments regarding your session.

A lead will have met certain criteria, such as company currently insured with, renewal date, date and time to return the call, etc. A Customer Service Lead is still a lead, but it does not meet the qualifying information requirement. Sometimes a person may be busy so they tell you to call back. Are they trying to just get us off the phone or do they really mean it? Many of these do turn out to be very good leads. We would rather you decide if you want to pursue them. A company may also want some information faxed, emailed, or mailed to them. The CS will indicate if it is “OK” to follow up with a phone call, as some will state they will call the agent if they are interested in the quote after reviewing the materials.

Just let them sit on your desk? You have spent good money for them: or better yet, give them to competition! OK-seriously, We recommend that you contact your leads withing 24-48 hours. Introduce yourself, thank the prospect for the opportunity of allowing you to quote their insurance needs. Verify the information. Some agents will try for an immediate appointment at this point, others will mail out information monthly until the renewal comes up. Many agents are now going out personally and doing a meet-n-greet. They will stop in personally introduce themselves. A handshake and business card is a great first step to that appointment.

Client Focus Connections realizes that many agents agonize over the next steps until signing the contract. Some Agents even get call reluctance. We have developed a Business Development program to help agents through these issues. 

Client Focus Connections is here to help you succeed in growing your business. We are partners together! Please feel free to call us anytime toll free at: 1-877-692-3400 to discuss your needs.

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