Since our inception on January 1, 1997, our team of professionals has assisted many companies with Marketing Strategies and Customer Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchased lists with your telemarketing session(s), once your list is pulled, it will be sent to you for review. Take out any company you do not want CFC to call (policy holders, people who are not interested, etc.). We will not call on your list until you have approved it for CFC to make calls on.

Upon approval, Sue will schedule your calling sessions. 

Our Client Specialists will call you before the start of your calling shift and your leads will be emailed later that day. Your leads will be in an excel spreadsheet. The first tab will contain your leads. Another tab will have information on your session. You will be able to see how many calls were made and the results of those calls. You will also see how many leads and customer service leads you had for that session. 

A lead will have met certain criteria, such as company currently insured with, renewal date, and the date and time to return a call. A Customer Service Lead is still a lead, but it does not meet the qualifying information requirement. Sometimes a person may be busy so they tell you to call back. Are they trying to just get us off the phone or do they really mean it? Many of these do turn out to be very good leads. We would rather you decide if you want to pursue them. A company may also want some information emailed. The CS will indicate if it is “OK” to follow up with a phone call, as some will state they will call the agent if they are interested in quoting after reviewing the materials emailed to them.

We recommend that you contact your leads within 24-48 hours. Introduce yourself, thank the prospect for the opportunity of allowing you to quote their insurance needs. Verify the information. Some agents will try for an immediate appointment at this point, others will mail out information monthly until the renewal comes up. A great introduction is for an agent to stop by the business and personally introduce themselves. A handshake and business card are a great first step to new clients.

Your appointment information will be listed in the leads spreadsheet. If a physical appointment is set, there will be a confirmation of the location in the appointment information. If a phone appointment is set, it will indicate it is a phone appointment and details in the spreadsheet. 

Client Focus Connections realizes that many agents agonize over the next steps until signing a new insurance policy. Some Agents even get call reluctance. We have developed a Business Development program to help agents through these issues. 

Client Focus Connections is here to help you succeed in growing your business. We are partners together! Please feel free to call us anytime toll free at: 1-877-692-3400 to discuss your needs.

The minimum hours for each Virtual Assistant are 2 hours per day (total of 10hrs per week) and we recommend a maximum of 4 hours per day (total of 20hrs per week) IF available. We believe that each individual has a different set of skills and it would be best to hire 2 or more VAs to handle different tasks.

This would also be beneficial for all parties in any case that someone has to take a leave. Hiring multiple VAs would mean that not all processes of your business would be affected.

Client Focus Connections can allow more hours per Virtual Assistant as long as the additional hours would be in multiples of 2 (4hrs, 6hrs, 8hrs – per day). Please coordinate with us via email before we can finalize the schedule. Upon agreement of both parties, we will add the hours to your billing cycle.

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